Thursday, 15 October 2015

Congratulations Charli XCX on your Impulse Collab!!! :D

The other night I mooched the launch of Charli XCX new limited edition cans that she has designed for Impulse! One called rock and Love and the other named Vanilla Kisses YAAAAAR!

Mooching with Charli XCX meant that we talked about boyz and how the new fragrances will help girls find there dream boy.

Catching up with the girls  YAR! 
:D We had Vanilla Kisses bipping at the Cuckoo Club in London ! 
:P LOVE U Louby MC and Liz Y2K

And watched Charli XCX sing some songs, Boom Clap and my fave 'Famous' :P!!!

Thankx so much #ImpulseXCX @Impulse_UK for such a lovely evening! 
Love Bip