Wednesday, 16 January 2013

oooooOOH Colette in Paris ! câlins chérie !

I am gonna bip Paris fashion week soon !
AND you know what that means!!
bipping in Colette!! 
which is 1 of my fave stores YAY !
hhhmmm i have my eyes on that cutie cuds carven cardigan :P

and these Comme des Garcons STAR WARS trousers !!!!! :D

OOOH & these Hogan Katie Grand bad boyzzz

heellllooo & i like the look of this hello kitty USB stick! :P 
that would be very useful and cute 2 save pics n stuff on ya know! :P

& the books ! :-) j'adore the books ya !big fan of Jean-Philippe Delhomme's illustrations & his blog !
The book from the blog !
1st edition all sold :-(

hhhmmm and I think I need to upgrade my rabito iPhone case! hhmm gold or silver?! I think I would have to try it on my iPhone to see what suits it best ! 

haha and I defo wanna buy this BAPE monkey boy to stick in my iPhone ! 
hey cutie !
AAAH FUN TIMES ! :P xxxxxx
Check it all out yoo! :D