Friday, 14 December 2012

OOOOOH YAAAAAAAAA cruising around the block in the MORGAN 3 WHEELER!!! eeerrr HEEELOOOOO YOOOOHAAAAA

:-) last night I bipped 2 lil Charlie's in the lower east side as there was a pretty lil funky party going on down in there ! i was bipping bopping away then decided to pop out 4 a fag... and right outside was a MORGAN 3 WHEELER OH MY DAYS NO FREAKING WAY! 

soo ovvi first things 1st! i say hi 2 the guy who own's it.. he is called Alex but I thinks he should be called Chuckles. so I then asked him for a ride around the block . :-) 
oooh my days driving around a block in NYC has never ever been so exciting in my whole entire life.


mwah! xxxx