Saturday, 22 December 2012

bipping back in LONDON! :-)

hey hey hey folks !!!
AAAAAH i'm pleased 
2 b back in my home town! :-) 
I landed from NYC on Tuesday morning
had a nappie roonie then DJ'd at the LOVE magazine & Balmain Christmas Party
wearing Balmain and eating soft shell crab in Shrimpies! :-)
& then the next day bipped to Faberge to say hello 2 some faberge eggs & diamonds.
ooooooooh helllo!..
..sorted out my phone contract stuff with the friendly 02 lads in the 02 shop on oxford st.
made a wish at the Louis Vuitton Christmas drinks. 
:P :-) 
tried on some riding boots in the new Ludwig Reiter store on Brook St.

& talked about BOWS in the Storm Models HQ! 

geeeeeez i'm happy to be home!