Thursday, 30 August 2012


yesterday I visited the Piyali learning centre which is a school in a village outside of calcutta, india. As you may know my mother is indian and was born in calcutta, which makes me half bengali. :D I visited the school last year and decided to sponsor some of the girls who are all bengalis too ! :D
yesterday was a super exciting day 4 me as I met them all ! :D so may i please introduce you to :

Spaboni-Mondal who is 14 years old and wants to be a Doctor when she grows up! :D

Shampa-Mondal who is 17 years old and also wants to be a Doctor when she grows up! :D

Aparna Shikari who is 14 years and wants to be a Doctor as well! :D when she grows up! WOWSERS! :D 

Doli-Haldon who is 13 and wants to be a Police woman when she grows up! cheeky little thing! :D

And finally Patal Spirastar who is 17 and wants to be a teacher when she grows up! :D GO GIRLs! :D

I showed them my blog ! :D 

& The little ones showed me their arts and crafts ! SO CUTE! :D

I noticed some cool art on the wall made by one of the girls made out of egg cartons ! :D 

I was taught some equations in the maths class ! :D

and saw some cutie chops socks!!! :D

Ate some lunch! I LOVE INDIAN FOOD! :D 

And hanged out with the teachers!!!! :D

I also checked out the new school which is almost finished! Hopefully it will be ready in November for the girls to move in! HOW EXCITING! 

Check out the link below
for more information about the charity & where you can donate to sponsor girls.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxx :D xxxxx