Wednesday, 18 July 2012


hey hey hey there folks! 
so recently 2 good friends of mine Jack Baucher & Alex Cherry 
set out on a mission dressed as tigers 2 travel from West Africa & onto ibiza on bikes 2 help raise 
money 2 save THE TIGERS! 

:D hey jack & cherry! 
meow there! :D 
DID U KNOW THAT Wild tigers are on the brink of extinction! There are currently less than 3500 that roam the wilderness of asia!! Now now folks wouldn't it be sad if 
tigers weren't around when our children's children are around!  :( 

on there journey 
they met gorgeous new friends! :D 

& made a fab video 
about the trip! watch it here below!!! :D 

also check out there blog 4 more info about how you can help TEARS 4 TIGERS help save the TIGERS!!! :)