Monday, 16 July 2012

bippppppppping :-P

last week i bipped 2 osman yousefzada's a/w 2012 edition of THE COLLECTIVE! 

...which my mummy has contributed 2! :D 
thats osman and my mummy Tanya Ling in the gif above! lol they are good good friends who love each lots.

:D wowsers ! so this is a photo of a double page spread of the collective! and  that dress is 1 of osman's toiles which my mummy painted on! what an artwork!

this is valeria Napoleone! she hosted the dinner evening in her beautiful house. thank u 4 having me valeria. :D Valeria wore an osman dress ! :D

my daddy darling william ling was there as well as darling sarah mower. :D

:D i wore the gorgeous osman toile that my mummy painted on. geeez man it felt like i was wearing an art work! I felt so privileged wearing it! :D thanks mummy and osman! :D 
i wore it with my new fave christian louboutin boots. :D darling karrie fitz did my hair :D

mummy mooched with 
makeup queen lisa eldridge! 
(they both wore osman! :))

:D photo of osman and cheeky elizabeth von guttman! ;-)

:D this is a painting of alek wek by my mother tanya ling which also featured in the collective! :D

matthew slotover & emily king were also moochin about. Emily king contributed 2 the collective 2! :) 

& yeeeeeer!!! lil sis evangeline ling who wore osman & my darling boyfriend dylan garner 
who wore calvin klein 
also joined the fun! 
Thank u so much Valeria and osman 4 such a lovely evening!
LOVE bip. xoxox