Tuesday, 5 June 2012

YEEEEHaaaaa!!! Just got back from a ROAD TRIP! :D

  last week i flew from London 2 Houston, Texas, USA 2 join my girlfriends 
Lucinda Bellm & Lacey Dorn!
We all had a mission! Lucinda was writing about the trip, Lacey was filming a documentary, whilst i was blogging. :)
 :D we 1st checked out 
the Rothko Chapel, in Houston. 
which was 
super peaceful! :O)
(image above!)

the next day we bipped on the road & drove for 6 hours
2 MARFA, Texas, USA 
(marfa was 1st famous 4 the marfa lights! google the marfa lights! some kind of alien business going on there!)
at marfa we joined the 
Ballroom Benefit weekend!!

we visited the 
PRADA MARFA 4 sunrise!!!!!
i wonder if they will build another 1.. maybe it'll b a marc jacobs store?
we slept at El Hotel Paisano
Elizabeth Taylor & James Deans 
stayed there when 
they filmed Giant..
 so they say...
they haven't changed 
the bed sheets, apparently!

in Marfa we took a tour at 
the Chinati foundation!

where we drooled all over 
Donald Judd 
100 untitled works in 
metal aluminum 1982 - 1986.

Lacey wears: 
J & M Davidson yellow dress 
outside Dan Flavin 
at the Chinati foundation. 

;-) I wear my Chanel hat, 
head flowers that 
we bought in San Antonio. 
Rokit Dress, J&M Davidson bag.
inside a Dan Flavin
 @ the Chinati foundation. 
(which i've cut out..
 until further notice ;-)
in marfa we ate & 
drank on a trip 2 the moon
 at the Hip-Po Ranch with 
Sue Hostetler who 
was dressed 
as some sort of alien.

;-) lucinda wears my 
Chanel jacket, 
green skirt her own.
I wear milk & honey bow, 
rokit dress. 
Lacey wears 
Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses from the sun glasshut and 
Chanel blouse with her 
uber sexy leather pants 
by Alexandre plokhov. 
we met some cool kidzz!..
..enjoyed the sunshine

& watched 
CSS play live!!!
THANK U so much 
Fairfax 4 organising the 
Ballroom Benefit Weekend!XXX
Fairfax Dorn with her boyfriend 
Matt Ernst & Odessa Ernst
on our way out of 
MARFA en route 2 new mexico 
we had another mooch around the 

we stopped at some 
cool beans locations where
we filmed & took more photos! :D

on the way 2 the 
white sands we got lost 
in the USA missle base place area 51. 
we saw lots of tanks.
we were told  2 leave. whoops.
we slept at Lacey's auntie Claytie & Roberts that evening! 
they live in a log house. 
 claytie told me that there are grizzly bears 
that run around her house.
we ate really yummy goats cheese.
Thank you Claytie &  Robert 4 letting us stay!
lacey & i wear: 
mexican dresses 
& sombrero's 
from the mexican market.
in the morning 1st thing 
rise & shine. 
we bipped around 
the white sands, new mexico. 

 lacey continued filming her documentary 

& my polaroid camera didn't work because the white sands were SO


on our way to santa Fe we stopped in a town called Truth or Consequence!! which i thought was pretty coool beans. 
When we finally arrived in 
Santa Fe we met with James Kelly who owns the James Kelly gallery which is one of the 1st galleries that started in 
Santa Fe! photo above is James & I in front of a Pard Morrison art piece. 

...yet did we know that the 
Gum Ball rally 3000 
was on that evening ! wooopies! 

after our time in santa fe we headed 2 a fun in the sun ranch.
i wore: dolce & gabbana sunglasses, earrings from a cute shop in santa fe, 
Fairground flower power tshirt. 

we drove past 
georgia o'Keeffe's old studio! 
& then some of the 
beautiful landscapes 
that she had painted! 
we passed the 
Echo Amphitheatre 
at the Ghost Ranch! 
which was pretty fly if u ask me!
i want 2 c a band perform there 1 day. 
we also stopped in a small town called Chama where Lacey & I bought some
Moccasins. they are sooo comfy!
they r made 4 red indians 2 run around & mooch about in! . 

on our last day we 
floated around the gorgeous ranch! 
in the rocky mountains! in Colarado!
it was so beautiful & silent. 
we saw lots of Elk running around.
I wore my Mawi necklace, 
oneteaspoon dress
& christian louboutin heels. 
lacey wore a oneteaspoon 
suede shirt over a Chanel dress.
& her cute new moccasins! 

BIG LACEY & LIL LACEY DORN 4 helping us organise our road trip! 
I had SUCH a fantastic inspiring time.