Friday, 4 May 2012

OOOOOH EM GEE!!!! u have 2 go check out the CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN EXHIBITION AT THE DESIGN MUSEUM. ooooooh oooooooooh OOOOH OOOOOOH OOOOOOOH oooooooooh my goodness gracious me.xxxxx shoe crazy SHOE MAD. xxxxx :P

hey hey hey! photo of
;-) dyl & i at the private view last monday. 
paul edmonds did my big hair ;-)
i wore ckone color cosmetics makeup
ysl jacket
atelier-mayer dress
J&M davidson sheep bag.
christian louboutin shoes ;-) of course. 
dyl boy wore:
J.Lindeberg suit & jacket.
christian louboutin shoes.
smartie sexy chic

i wanna eat these.

& these

 hhmmm where 
shall i start with these ones?
yum yum yumm.