Sunday, 20 June 2010

prada mens show SS 2011.

WOWsers. that was really a treat!
i just watched the mens 
prada ss2011 show live
i would have loved to 
be there!! that venue 
looooooked insane!!
i wanttt those white 
shirts with the blue 
and yellow button line..
i would like to wear 
pretty much all of that.
i know i'm a girl - 
but what can ya do when 
sooooo beautiful.
 i loved the colours used 
and especially that 
hospital uniform looking 
t-shirt which i screen 
grabbed in the pastel maroon
colour, i also really 
loved the blue one too.
i like how it was styled.
i like i  like i like.
ooooooooh heloooo!!! EXCITMENT
i looved the music as well.