Monday, 7 June 2010

bathroom look of the day . . .

i just have to ssssaaaaaaayyyyy 
that today i met peter pilotto and christopher de vos which 
was super exciting as
i am wearing one of 
their dresses for my birthday 
party soon.. and 
i am like so over 
filled with bubbles of chocolate 
and that kind of vibe 
if you know what i mean.
(thank you so much 
PP and jonnnnnnny)
today i also went to
see my friend karla at IPR. 
it was sooo lovely! 
hi karla! hi! haha. 
ANNNDDD also today i pretended to be
pocahontas when i got home.
i wanna be a red
indian for a bit.
well i'm half indian
so i guess i'm 
almost there.