Saturday, 29 May 2010

And did you know... I forgot to mention...

That last post of french
vogue cover sept 2001 
that I blogged earlier
today is shot by 
Terry Richardson. 
I like it a lot. 
Although I must say
that i am pretty bored 
of his recent stuff and I 
think he is silly for
being like so naff 
(recent french vogue 
fashion story with lara etc is just
tying it - Im aware) - 
you know what i mean... 
I think we are all over
the shockAdAr and 
I feel so cringe but 
I'll write it.... the
harrasment and that. 
(maybe you don't 
agree but whatever 
life goes on)
i'm slighty 
obsessed with 
that cover below - so, 
well done
Terry. I like i like yes i do like. 
Hi Terry! (haha - actual laugh)
Ouch i like it soo much.. 
I wont explain why I like sooo much as i
know i will get into too 
much detail and most 
likely bore you. (maybe
i should explain things 
more in my posts) 
So ANYWAY have a
good bank holiday londoners 
and if otherwise if you live 
by the beach
and your not from london 
and your near dolphins 
or somewhere that's
not London say hey 
from me to the dolphins. 
AND if you live near any
ponys.. Say heya from me..
 A really big HEY!! 
Sounds good. 
Ok then.
I'm over and out. Laterz.

P.S I want an iPad 
- badly. BAD BADLY 
BLOGGY! Would mean I 
can do my blog posts 
out and about on a 
nice PAD rather than my small 
iPhone. Hey.

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