Thursday, 30 July 2009

SWINE BABY.... (not) ooooooh I WISH YAR..

Hello people! Sorry for my lack of bloggin you may well know that I have been in Mykonos - then straight to Secret Garden Party. (Oh yar) So as I obviously did - I Bipped myself back to London back into my life.. which consists of moochin and workin etc etc...

HOWEVERR... this time.. I'm disgustingly disturbed by my own vomit. (approx three days of vommy vom vom) so to my conclusion, having read the papers almost everyday of my life I am pretty sure I have the lovely swine. I find myself shaking holding my blackberry scrolling and zooming on the little ball pearl thingy staring at the NHS website, by this point almost ALL of the symptoms are ticked.. so Jonny Registers me to SWINE (oh darling) and picks up the yummy tamiflu. By this point i'm certain that yes I officially have swine flu... I vommy vom vom every time I take a tamiflu infact every hour.. this goes on and it gets to the point that mummy and daddy take me to A & E.. i'm actually dying at this point.. so I'm on a drip having my urine tested and blood to see if I have the lovely swine in a closed room with 'Do not enter' on the outside.. my parents are forced to wear masks (they are driving me crazy at this point).. Doctor comes back after at least 5 hours telling me the great news that I actually have a kidney infection... OH YARRRRR....... so I find myself here at home dying and crying popping prescriptions drugs that still make me wanna vommy vom vom... its probably going to take me at least 2 weeks to to fully recovered.. this is so boring - you have no idea.. well just means no bipping for me for a bit. I WISH I HAD SWINE.. all this would be over by now!!!

I'm bored of typing now so laters..


at least i'm still aliveeeeeee.


Bip Ling



p.s my dog Cuba says hi